Let’s talk Relationships TMI

by Miss Ombati

The only reason you are sharing your relationship status on social media is to validate yourself, make sure total strangers approve of what they think they know. If you are going to succeed at any relationship, you have to be exceptional. Seek no approval and consider what is truly genuine and deep in your heart.

It is difficult in this time and age to live outside of what people think about you or what they consider normal. But to find that which is noble, you must resist from giving Too Much Information (TMI) to people who will only deliver judgement.

Make yourself happy by being yourself, life is too short to provide news to people who care very little about it, and who will have no qualms giving their opinions and voicing them until your precious unguarded relationship is down in the drains.

Why do people have an opinion about others? and why do you take the risk of letting that opinion be about you? Why plant a seed of destruction in the name of bragging about your relationship?

Relationships are meant to be private between the involved party. Those that must know about this will know, they won’t need any public announcements to know.

To be truly happy, guard your relationship, the more you keep your relationship issues to your self, the higher chances you have at a happier relationship.

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