Just in case you are wondering, what happens to ‘we’ that are single, jobless but ambitious, simple; ‘date yourself.’ In this world of everyone dating everyone, it is becoming quite strange to be single, but strange is not abnormal or illegal. I mean no one has died of being alone,Continue Reading

On my favourite show on television, an iconic writer, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o said, ‘I will not let anybody make who I am become a problem to me.’ How true his words were; The number of times I have changed my opinion about something just to impress a lad I fancied.Continue Reading

My most interesting realization this year is the very distinct relationship between a career, money, a man and a woman. I don’t know if this is the case with married folks, but for we single people, your career and your money does affect your relationship. Haven’t you heard of girlsContinue Reading

I know, I owe you an explanation of my whereabouts.Too many things have happened, I will fill you in with time, but for now,I met someone.‘What is it that attracts good girls to bad boys?’that’s a question I have always asked myself. I am not sure I will ever getContinue Reading

My story continues…………………………… So my pot  belly is still protruding, and men are still staring, my girlfriends are still advising and I still admire my sister’s flat tummy. However, I am still who I am. I made a conscious decision to divert people’s attention to my strong points. See forContinue Reading

Its a new month already, how time flies. Just the other day I was shouting new year greetings to every person who cared to  listen.Its now the 5th month since then, just one more month and we are half way done with the year.It is times like this that peopleContinue Reading

Tough journeys call for tough peopleBut that’s just what I amFighting through the heavy windsSwimming in the largest wavesAnd sailing in the greatest stormsYet with the numb feeling on my body I come out of it toughMake it all look easyLeaving no understanding of the feelingBut that’s just what I amContinue Reading