Make yourself happy by being yourself, life is too short to provide news to people who care very little about it, and who will have no qualms giving their opinions and voicing them until your precious unguarded relationship is down in the drains.

Any person in love or who has experienced genuine love understands that it is not a one way street, in fact it cannot be love if it only goes in one direction.  So today I would love to share with you my acts of love that I practice all round the year to ensure that my man is well saved up to include my birthday and Valentine’s Day in his acts of love.

It would be cruel of me dear sister if I did not out rightly tell you that at times, we do not get what we desire. It does not mean we have done something wrong, or we have offended anyone, it just means it is not the right time, and for that reason not all dreams may come to pass, maybe you will never get the explanation as to why.

One really cold day as I walked about in town, I met a girl almost my age dressed in a really tiny skirt and vest. While I understand that everyone curries their own weather, I wonder if that girl had any idea of what hypothermia could do to her body.

He didn’t have much money, but we considered him to be our hero, the richest man in the world. We revere him and regard him as our king. You may not see it now, but the seeds that he continuously cultivates in us are bearing fruits as we mature into young women with our own ambitions and life plans.

Beer was favorite with elderly men, mostly married men with children, men who had something serious to think about. Yes, men and not the youth competing on who can gallop the most alcohol, twerk and go home with a one-night partner in the name of dope night.