To be honest my list of blogs that teach me something might be biased. Because as a writer, (it’s still intimidating to lay claim on an author’s title) how do you compare people’s form of expression? Everyone is right to think, feel and write what’s in their mind. Second, in a world where everyone is entitled to their opinion, who am I trying to face them against each other?


The older we get, the easier it becomes to forget our talents and our hobbies. We wake up every morning serving people hardheartedly because we are just but surviving, yet we can serve within our gifts and enjoy our service to humanity.

Are you among the half that are discouraged with life and who will go around passing negative energy to others? Or are you in the other half that is willing to struggle through and find our spot?

Life comes and life goes, it’s important we make the best out of it. It’s important that we leave our best life yet, so that when we are gone we leave behind an impacted people. People who won’t have to compose a tribute, because your life was a testimony and it is easy to remember what you stood for

One thing that is always anticipated when an African man dies, is for a second and even third woman aside from the one known and legally married to show up at the funeral with kids resembling the diseased and lay claim on shares of his wealth. These women, call them co wives, concubines or flings will never show up when the man is alive, you may never suspect they exist until that day when you are most grieved and trying to piece together what life will look like without your dear husband. Then you learn that he had children with other women, he stepped out on your marriage and sired a clan you knew nothing about.