For the past few years, I have been chocking up when the clock strikes midnight on that last day of the year. I find myself fighting tears, I guess they are usually tears of joy for another chance to transition into a new year. I think subconsciously my spirit recognizes that a new year is more life to me. It’s similar to another second, another minute, another hour, another day, another month. It’s another chance to leave, and I get this emotions because as I get older, life in itself becomes more meaningful and purposeful. I really hope you can relate to this feeling, otherwise I will sound nuts thinking and writing of this.

I feel that I have grown in 2018, and I am not just speaking about the physical growth. My perspective has changed, my priorities have changed and my life has been somewhat transformed.

I am ready to cross over, I am ready to write new resolutions, carry over some old ones and roll up my sleeve to do another round of life. Happy new year my good readers, I pray we all meet on the other side of 2019.I pray we are all ready for another round, and I pray we all make the ride worthwhile.

I have forgotten to make my own footprint, I have forgotten to dream on my own. I have become sad and unforgiving to myself. I have chained myself, becoming dependent on the thoughts of others because I am afraid of what others will do to me or think of me.

Do you ever imagine a virgin girl announcing that she is pregnant, worse off announcing this pregnancy to a fiance that is waiting for the wedding night? Do you imagine explaining to your husband to be that your child was sired by the Holy Spirit? That would really shake someone’s faith I would imagine. I would go nuts if she went ahead to say that her unborn child would save the world, then I would collapse if a spirit in human form appeared to me to confirm this. I think those were strange times to live in.

I hope you can relate with the top five things I am grateful for this year. Let me know what resonates with you, and what you are grateful for. Finally, Let’s all be grateful for Christmas, I know not all of us are Christians, but I am and I must say that sometimes I wonder what the world would have been like had Jesus not have been born when he was.

We like to give the impression that we are well off, our loaned vehicles and destination vacations proves this. We work and leave in the moment, most times we are able to pay rent on time, but there are days that we have to borrow to keep up. Our saving habits are horrible, in fact should I leave my job today, the next month would be a miracle to have. Our faith works regardless, because every day takes care of itself. We are the lot that only goes to shags in December and return so broke for January. We are always moving houses and keeping up with trends.

The only visitors who show up unannounced are family. Siblings to be precise, because parents are always worried about protocols and traditions. My siblings love to visit on short notice, ‘we were in the neighbourhood and had to check on you.’ I too enjoy this visits, they are always fullContinue Reading

 If you are that hungry eat your ugali earlier before you meet up with others or carry a snack in your bag. But whatever you do, have some decorum.

Enjoy each other’s company. It’s not an exhibition season so restrain from showing off, take in some quality.

Let’s all be courteous, considerate and respectful this season. Let’s do to others what we would want them to do to us. Having said that, let the holidays begin.