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It’s All About The Money

Aswani Nabwende/ January 18, 2019/ THINGS THAT MATTER/ 4 comments

How many times have you gone to hospital and you are sent to the cashier before the consultation room? It’s worse when you have an insurance cover, you will go in with a fractured arm and end up having a pap smear or getting tested for syphilis in the lab. They may add in some urinalysis and unnecessary drugs just to milk out money from your insurer.

Respect is a virtue

Aswani Nabwende/ December 8, 2018/ THINGS THAT MATTER/ 0 comments

When a politician is campaigning for a public Servant’s position, he humbles himself, he listens to people around him, and he strives to understand and practice the cultures and traditions of the people and tries his best to prove that he is the most socially compatible candidate for the position. At this point, the campaign money is used for transportation,

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Episode 5 – The lesson on contentment

Aswani Nabwende/ November 30, 2018/ THINGS THAT MATTER/ 1 comments

Mama Odhiambo not only taught me consistency, she also taught me contentment. She helped me learn to appreciate myself for where I am, to be proud of my achievements and to keep off unhealthy competition. With the evolving technology and the birth of social media, the world has become a place to show off and keep up with trends. People

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Episode 4 – Keep On Keeping On

Aswani Nabwende/ November 23, 2018/ THINGS THAT MATTER/ 2 comments

She made me understand that I don’t have to be good at something; I just need to be passionate about it, passionate enough to do it again and again. Even when I don’t do it best until when I get it right. After all, experience is the best teacher. With time I am more likely to become better at whatever I am doing. I will build trust and expertise just by being consistent. 

Episode 3 – You Are On Your Own

Aswani Nabwende/ November 16, 2018/ THINGS THAT MATTER/ 0 comments

We are all in a place where we must adapt to self-dependence. To survive and not to be perceived as a bother, it has become safer to answer ‘I am good’ even when we really aren’t. No point in ranting about our problems to people who care little, no need to share your dreams with others who will only laugh or discourage you from exploring your options.

Episode 1 – The Things That Matter

Aswani Nabwende/ November 2, 2018/ THINGS THAT MATTER/ 2 comments

We live in a fast paced world, a world where everyone wants to become somebody, somebody important, respected and honored. Somebody who can afford to command their environment in their favor. The thugs who give us sleepless nights are in their own struggle to become somebody, the beggars in the streets as well as the richest man in the land. We are all chasing for standards we have only but set for ourselves.